Client: Castleoak

Project: Castleview, Windsor

Castleview Windsor - Knockmoy Project
Castleview Windsor - Knockmoy Project
Castleview Windsor - Knockmoy Project

Scope of Works

  • Brown field site

  • 8-week demolition of old Windsor Squash Club & other structures on site

  • Removal of all vegetation

  • Removal of old Thames water sewer through site

  • Construction 2 no RC Frames for Care Home & close care blocks 4 & 5 storeys, one with basement including;

  • Install sheet piled cofferdam to basement

  • Bulk dig excavation 7000m3

  • CFA bearing piles throughout

  • Basement construction/waterproof structure

  • Underground draining & hard & soft landscaping

Key Points

  • Design of cantilevered sheet piled cofferdam un-propped

  • Working adjacent to live Thames water sewer

  • Zero vibration techniques adopted to sheet pile installation

  • Continuous movement monitoring of the sheet piles and Thames water sewer during the construction works


52 weeks (September 2016 – September 2017)

Contract Value:


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