Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction process from the start to the end. The objectives of project management are to produce a project that meets client requirements on budget and schedule, and at acceptable risk, quality, and safety.

Project managers often earn their positions by proof of efficient management on similar value projects. The development of team building is essential for their success in managing projects. This results in high quality construction with steady and harmony progression.

Knowledge Requirements for Project Manager

A good project manager with necessary construction management knowledge would ensure the success of the project to a great extent.

Knowledge requirements of project manager include:

  • He/ she should be familiar with all aspects of the construction process with regard to the management of a project

  • Understand requirements of the project: planning, controlling and reporting

  • He/ she shall understand the responsibilities to design team and site management personnel

  • Should possess enough knowledge about form of contract with regard to the impact of variations, possession, extensions of time and dispute resolution

  • Shall be able to understand procedures when dealing with disputes

Management skills

  • Establish leadership skills when dealing with site management

  • Develop a team approach among their site management personnel

  • Delegate responsibility to the site management team

  • Maintain good site records when reporting on progress and on the contract profitability situation to senior management

  • Proficient in report writing and communications with senior management, site staff, subcontractors and the client

  • Be able to implement company procedures and policies

  • Act as mentor to immediately subordinate management personnel

Team building

Team building is an essential component of the site management process. Good project managers builds competent teams.

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