Construction projects from inception to completion can be highly complex.

The benefits of employing a professional project management team are:

  • Serve as an independent, objective representative to protect the Client’s and projects best interests first and foremost.

  • Act as an information conduit,  easing the flow of information throughout the team.

  • Reduce overall project cost, generally well exceeding the fees involved. Typical saving can include competitive bidding advantage, contract negotiation, value engineering, reduced change orders, reduction in built programme, and elimination of unnecessary scope and cost throughout the project.

  • Advise the Client on engaging the most experienced, qualified and proactive project team.

  • Improve quality by closely monitoring the build, benchmarking and defect control.

  • Provide a realistic cost plan.

  • Optimize and if possible accelerate the construction programme.

  • Provide management expertise and promote a strong team ethic.

  • Advice on contract and procurement.

Statutory obligations

Ensure the client’s statutory obligations are fulfilled is also a crucial part of the project managers role.

These statutory obligations are:

  • Planning Permission

  • Building Control

  • Listed Building Consent

  • Fire Regulations

  • Construction Design and Management Act 2015 Client’s Duties

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